Servo motor servicing

Servicing or repairing a servo motor requires an excellent knowledge of its structure and operation, its individual units and their settings. Correct setting of the feedback units is particularly important for the operation of the servomotor and is also very demanding.

The motor will not run or its torque will be drastically reduced if the deviation of the feedback unit from the factory settings is only three mechanical degrees.

Winding of windings

We are experts in what used to be a highly renowned master repair. We are trusted by companies from all over Europe. The rewinding is usually done by hand.

We rewind all types of windings, including extremely demanding torque motor windings and epoxy resin windings.

Acceptance of motors

Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm

It is expected that you will receive all replies and offers within this time. If we do happen to miss you, you can call 04 292 69 00 or 040 506 075 at any time .

Non-binding enquiry

If you decide to make an enquiry, we will need a photo of the technical plate of the motor and the desired repair time. The offer will be for information only and will not include potential damages caused by congestion.