1. Testing braking torque in servo motors

Don’t skip this crucial step in the servicing process.

  • When it comes to servo motor operation, precision is key. Ensuring the correct braking torque is a step in the process that simply cannot be skipped or omitted.
  • Rigorous and accurate testing not only ensures smooth operation, but also protects you against potential accidents.

2. Save time and check the magnetic field condition of the rotor before the intervention

Detection of hidden/invisible cracks

  • Detecting slippery cracks in the magnets of synchronous spindle rotors before the casing is removed has always been a challenge … until now!
  • MATRIS has designed a custom-made rotor magnetic field scanning device that can save you a lot of time and hassle.
  • After the inspection, you always get an accurate mapping of the magnetic field in the report.

3. Don't delay maintenance

  • Delaying maintenance can have serious consequences. When it comes to motors, for example. a timebomb bearing failure, which can lead to total motor failure and extremely significant collateral damage.
  • Take action sooner rather than later and avoid unexpected costs. In one of the more recent examples from the workshop, a damaged motor required the replacement of the rotor magnets, more than doubling the cost.
  • Prioritise timely maintenance and save yourself from costly surprises!

Acceptance of motors

Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm

It is expected that you will receive all replies and offers within this time. If we do happen to miss you, you can call 04 292 69 00 or 040 506 075 at any time .

Non-binding enquiry

If you decide to make an enquiry, we will need a photo of the technical plate of the motor and the desired repair time. The offer will be for information only and will not include potential damages caused by congestion.

Random servo motor repair example

The Moog servo motor has been repaired. What has been done beyond the regular servicing:

  • bearing bearing repair – DE – H6 steel,
  • shaft – repair of the centre of an embankment
  • laser welding, shaft grinding, clutch.

Regular servicing: visual inspection + brake test + feedback unit test + magnet test + temperature protection test + disassembly + cleaning + sandblasting + resistance measurement with Schleich MTC2 + DE bearing bearing measurement + NDE bearing measurement + DE bearing replacement + NDE bearing replacement + winding impregnation + seal replacement + assembly + feedback unit adjustment + test run + OEM painting + final report.

Servo motor ob sprejemu v popravilo (levo) in ob izdaji (desno)