With more than 25 years of experience in the field of electric motor rewinding, we have refined our knowledge to the point where we offer our rewinding service to the largest service companies in Europe.

We can even tackle the most complex manual rewinds.

Winding electric motors is a dying trade. Matris is one of the few companies that maintains and develops knowledge further. That’s why we are known as specialists in all kinds of windings. If you are in doubt or do not know if your winding fits into the manageable category, please call or email us with a more detailed description of the problem and the type of motor/winding.

Electric motor rewinding includes:

  • exhibiting,
  • rotor impregnation,
  • winding test,
  • stator impregnation,
  • cleaning/dusting,
  • replacing gaskets,
  • changing bearings,
  • measuring tolerances,
  • Brake setting,
  • test run,
  • service report,
  • OEM painting.


A technological process to increase and improve the performance of your electric motor

Many manufacturers of spindle motors coat their windings in epoxy resins to protect them from foreign media (oil, coolants, chemicals), increase efficiency, allow better heat dissipation…

Our Epoxy-M-HES system makes the winding more suitable for harsh working conditions. The system is designed to protect the winding from foreign media ingress, mechanical damage and improper maintenance.

Protection against contamination

Most of the time, the voltage to the housing is broken by water ingress or liquid media. If the winding is protected by being encased in epoxy, it is further protected against external agents.

Extended insulation lifetime

By making the temperature dissipate more quickly, the lifetime of the insulation is extended and the efficiency of the electric motor is increased, as heat losses in iron and copper are reduced.

Resistance to mechanical damage

We have serviced electric motors where the winding has been damaged by a blown bearing. If the winding is mechanically protected with our solution, the chance of damage is reduced.