3- and 5-axis CNC material machining

We provide 3- and 5-axis milling services for materials such as tool steel, conventional iron, aluminium, copper, plastics and wood for the energy, toolmaking, aerospace and automotive industries.

For more complex products, often only 5-axis milling is suitable. Machining is used to produce workpieces with complex geometries and surfaces that are curved at different angles. Before the introduction of 5-axis machining, the problem with this type of workpiece was solved by 3-axis machining and the use of special tools, which increased the production time and the cost of the finished product.

The 5-axis machining also allows for negative wall inclinations. The advantage of this type of milling:

  • reducing the number of cultivation couplings,
  • shorter cutting tools,
  • improved rigidity of shorter tools.

3- and 5-axis CNC metalworking includes:

  • preparation of the processing programme,
  • CNC machining of the piece,
  • final measurements
Dimensions of 5-axis CNC milling workpieces:
  • x = 500 mm
  • y = 450 mm
  • z = 400 mm
Dimensions of the workpiece:
  • max. diameter = 630 mm
  • max. working height = 500 mm
  • max. weight = 300 kg
Dimensions of workpieces for 3-axis CNC milling:
  • x = 800 mm
  • y = 560 mm
  • z = 1100 mm
  • max. weight = 800 kg

The final dimensions must be checked, as exceptions may occur depending on the machining and the shape of the workpiece.

CMX 800V: 3-axis CNC, processing 800 x 500 x 500 mm, max. weight 800 kg
DMU 50: 5-axis simultaneous CNC, machining 500 x 450 x 400 mm, max. weight 300 kg

Laser welding

Laser welding is a very precise welding process, with a high energy laser beam focused into a small spot. It can be brewed with or without added material.

We use welding wires with diameters from 0.1 mm to 1.2 mm, depending on the need. The advantages of laser welding are mainly: precision, miniaturization, low heat input and consequently low deformation. The var has practically no marginal jam, the surroundings of the var are intact, the var is beautiful to look at, etc. TIG and MIG welding are also available. We weld iron, aluminium, copper and cast steel.

Laser welding covers:

  • pre-sanding of the surface, if necessary,
  • laser welding with material deposition,
  • grinding to factory tolerances,
  • taking the final measurement.

Round grinding

Round grinding is a service that can be used to grind the outer part or the inner part of a round. Grinding is possible up to a maximum outer width of 400 mm, an inner diameter of 10 mm to 300 mm and a maximum length of 1000 mm.

Round grinding covers:

  • grinding to factory tolerances,
  • taking the final measurement.

Dynamic and fine balancing

We dynamically and finely balance individual rotors, wind turbines and other rotating parts. We balance according to ISO 21940-11. We balance in classes from G0.4 to G4000. We also perform fine balancing of pre-assembled motors, which are purpose-balanced to the operating speed required by the work process. On request, we can also measure the motor vibrations during actual operation on site.

Dynamic and fine balancing of the capture:

  • initial measurements and calibration,
  • determining the balancing points,
  • adding or removing material,
  • intermediate measurements,
  • confirmation of the adequacy of the residual vibrations,
  • Final report.