We have responded to the growing needs of the market and now offer companies comprehensive, fast and high-quality maintenance support. Servicing or repairing a servo motor requires an excellent knowledge of its structure and operation, its individual units and their settings.

Correct encoder setting is particularly important for servo motor operation and is also very demanding. The motor will not run or its torque will be drastically reduced if the encoder deviates from the factory settings by just three mechanical degrees.

Classic servo motor servicing includes:

  • visual inspection,
  • fault identification,
  • encoder test,
  • encoder setting,
  • temperature protection test,
  • cleaning,
  • blasting,
  • measurement of resistance against the casing,
  • bearing seat measurements,
  • Replacing bearings,
  • bearing tolerance measurements in the caps and on the shaft, and other tolerances on the shaft,
  • shaft repairs - welding and grinding, centre seats, new shaft construction,
  • bearing preload,
  • balancing the rotor,
  • impregnation of the winding,
  • replacing gaskets,
  • bearing leakage,
  • fine balancing,
  • test run,
  • OEM painting,
  • service report.