Rewinding and refurbishment of electrical power units at a higher level

Discover Matris' commitment to quality and innovation in the overhaul of electric powertrains.

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Our renewal process

From disassembly to perfection: step by step through our electric powertrain overhaul process

Takeover and inspection

Each power unit is first carefully inspected and photographed on receipt.

Engine tests and measurements

On entry, all input measurements are taken and the condition of the power unit is assessed.

Winding renewal and potting

Clean the unit of all impurities, rewind the winding and vacuum water the wire.

Testing and delivery

After refurbishment, we carry out an exit test, produce a service report and issue a warranty.

Why choose MATRIS?

Exceptional durability, improved heat dissipation and increased performance. MATRIS gives your electric vehicle a new lease of life.

Trust from our partners

Find out why workshops all over Europe have chosen MATRIS to remanufacture their electric powertrains.

Testimonials and reviews

Our customers speak for themselves and each has a story to tell.

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