EVSC - Electric Vehicles Service Centre

Service centre for automotive electric drive units

Matris is not an electric vehicle repairer, but we are specialists in EDU (electro drive unit) rewinding and servicing. In recent months, we have been upgrading our customer service to a higher standard. We dare say that the power units refurbished in our service centre are more durable, better protected and have better performance characteristics than the original, mass-produced units. The Knowledge Library is constantly being upgraded and updated.

Although we do not limit ourselves to any brand, we are currently focusing on Tesla EDUs, where we have seen an increased need for service.

The reality of the electric vehicle market

Although many articles can be found written about how eMoblity is limited by battery technology, range and charging infrastructure, the biggest problem is that vehicles slowly coming out of factory warranty do not have the necessary support from a network of unauthorised repairers.

Improvements to the LDU stator overhaul

  • 3-5% increase in capacity
  • Improved heat dissipation using Matris epoxy resin
  • Reduce stator overheating problems
  • 3% increase in phase conductor area
  • Exceptional durability, making it virtually indestructible

We are highly specialised in the remanufacture of the electrical part of electric vehicle powertrains. If you wish to benefit from our expertise and services, please send us the electro-drive part of the unit (stator and rotor) to our address. After acceptance, dismantling and inspection of the condition, we will send you an offer for renovation. Once you approve it, we’ll get to work. You always get a 1-year Matris guarantee on the work carried out. For an extra charge, 2 years.

We are not a garage and do not service vehicles; nor do we dismantle powertrains.