About us

Fast, responsive and efficient

In a fast-changing business environment, speed is of the essence. We don’t just offer a service – we offer a boost to your competitiveness. Our fast and responsive team is ready to meet your needs in real time, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the competition. And we don’t just increase your speed, we also reduce your costs by bringing innovative solutions that optimise your business processes. Choose us to set you on the path to increased competitiveness and financial efficiency.

Matris d. o. o. was founded in 2005 and is owned by the Matijaševič couple, Nataša and Boris. In the eighteen years it has been on the market, it has grown into a highly respected service centre, well known both in Central Europe and throughout the Adriatic region. Matris d. o. o. works with the largest companies in the region; from the metal, mechanical engineering, woodworking, food, furniture, paper, automotive, glass and textile industries, as well as the largest service centres in Europe.


At the heart of our vision is the desire to remain the unbeatable service centre in SE Europe, specialising in the refurbishment and repair of servomotors, electric motors and electric drive units (EDUs). We recognise that our leadership is a reflection of our exceptional knowledge, business approach and commitment to quality service.

We see preventive maintenance as crucial. This approach not only reduces the number of emergency interventions, but also reduces costs for our customers. We believe in the power of foresight and investing in sustainable solutions that keep electromechanical systems running smoothly.

Our proud commitment is 24-hour emergency service, providing customers with peace of mind and reliability. With us, you can be sure that we are always here, ready to respond to your needs, whatever the time or day.

We are your first choice in the servicing and repair segment because we don’t just follow standards, we set new benchmarks in quality.


In line with global changes and trends in environmental protection, we are committed to bringing life back to and restoring our products, thereby preserving the environment. We create solutions that others do not. We solve not just the usual challenges, but also seemingly intractable or highly complex technical problems. We look for shortcuts around the beaten track and set standards in our industry.

We provide fast and efficient services to companies looking for sustainable and comprehensive support to keep their production process running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our approach reduces the risks that lead to unexpected production stoppages, while generating savings and financial relief for investors by significantly extending the lifetime of equipment.

Colleagues pursue their dreams and develop their personal and spiritual potential. Our motto is and remains – happy people make happy people.


Matris d. o. o. has obtained ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification. We maintain the extremely important time factor – we are fast, punctual and completely self-sufficient in service. Urgent repairs are carried out within 24 hours.

At the crossroads of major north-south transport routes

The Matris Service Centre is located in Slovenia, logistically in a relatively optimal location in relation to the geography of Europe.

We are at the crossroads of major transport routes between north and south, as well as east and west.

We have a presence in Europe and have been working for years with major service centres as well as individual customers. The basis for a good partnership is reliability, quality and meeting agreed deadlines.

As a result of systematically good service and the expansion of our customer service, the number of our customers is gradually expanding in nominal numbers as well as geographically.

We are present in the following markets in Europe, as well as in other parts of the world: Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Hungary, North Macedonia, Germany, Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, United Kingdom.

Company history


Boris Matijašević establishes Matris d.o.o. The company carries out small specialised repairs, the bulk of which are asynchronous electric motor repairs.


In November, Boris Matijaševič passes his master's exam and becomes a Master of General Electromechanics.


Boris's wife Nataša joins Matris d.o.o. Together they recruit their first employee. The company successfully services the first servomotors for its customers.


Demand for Matris services is growing, so in December we are recruiting a new Service Assistant.


Matris moves to a new location at Jelenčeva 1 in Kranj to expand its activities. In the same year, it enters into a partnership with Knauf Insulation d.o.o. for the remanufacture of water-cooled spindle motors for the whole of Europe.


Despite the difficult times, the company is looking after its customers and is steadily developing new business cooperation opportunities.


The company is constantly investing in new technology and know-how.


The company faces major challenges for the first time due to problems with defaulters, but remains stable in the market despite financial difficulties.
In November, Matris d.o.o. signs a cooperation agreement with a German partner.


In February, a development department is set up to develop in-house test equipment for servomotor repair. In June, the Director attends a professional training course in Germany. In August, Boris Matijaševič, the owner and managing director of the company, leaves for Germany, where he participates in setting up a new company at the request of his German partner. Four new workers join the company.


The owner of the company returns to Slovenia with his family. With her new expertise and experience, she continues to lead the company. Investment in renovation of offices - new flooring.


Investment in renovation of office premises - windows. Purchase of a machine for balancing and measuring vibrations.


A company applies for an EU grant for the first time. Registered research and development group at ARSO. Investment in renovation of offices - reception, offices.


A company decides to purchase a 3-axis CNC for its own metalworking operations. As a result, the company has to rent additional premises. It receives a positive decision for RRI2 and expands its activities in the field of development in addition to its core work.


The company becomes the agent for the KEB. The company decides to go digital and submits a P4D application. Two additional development projects for own use.


Due to the need for more complex metalworking, the company purchases a 5-axis CNC. Ongoing research and development projects in collaboration with the consortium. The urgent need for immediate laser welding requires the company to invest in a laser welding machine for metal. We have been invited to join the RRI-NOO-TRL6-9 consortium, we are submitting an application. We are recruiting an experienced commercial sales person to take over the marketing function.


Ongoing research and development project with a consortium. The owner of the company decides to take a new step and recruits an external director. A new acquisition in the machine park - a laser engraving machine. Successful rewind of the electric motor for a Tesla car. Acquire a laser engraving machine. A positive decision is given on the application for a research and development project in consortium for RRI-NOO-TRL6-9.